Custom Application Development

Custom Applications serves your business with upgraded business solutions which makes your workflows much faster, easier and in more effective way. Moreover, With our in-depth analysis and researching experience with client requirements, we exhibit a wide range of proficiency in deploying customized applications. We always ensure that our solutions accommodate seamlessly with our client’s expectations, keeping in mind the user-based functionalities and making our clients highly satisfied.

  • Tailored Support
  • Work flow automation
  • Secures your data
  • Existing software integration
  • Real time project access
  • Improved efficiency

Mobile Applications

Custom mobile applications complement with associated web applications or created separately with advanced backend solutions. Using our industry experience and latest updated technology services, our full-stack application developers develop successful Android apps as per client’s requirements.

Why Mobile Application?

  • Online & Offline access
  • Highly personalized
  • Utilizing device features
  • Improved Productivity

Web Applications

Our web applications have a clear logical layout that perfectly works in all popular browsers and stays responsive in both mobile and desktop.We build powerful web applications to meet your ever-changing business requirements which fosters long term growth to achieve targeted goals.

What does it ensures?

  • Accessible anywhere
  • Responsive
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly flexible

Desktop Applications

Custom applications focus on offline works with ultimate data control security features, effectively interacts with server side softwares. We offer customer specific desktop application services to bring you a powerful market sensation equipped with best performance to outdo competitors and to gain customer loyalty.

What all are our services?

  • Development and Design
  • UI Development
  • Advanced functionality development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Remote Desktop Support

Digital Marketing Services

We provide the best quality digital marketing services tailored to redefine your marketing plan to meet your business objectives. We focus on the application of latest technology digital marketing services extremely customized for building a strong digital presence.

What services do we offer?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content Management

Electronic Data Interchange

Socius EDI Consulting services offers an error free and cost effective solution to manage B2B supply chain needs, Includes onboarding, mapping, translation and monitoring. We are EDI experts have experience in planning, design, develop, test, implement, support and tune new and existing EDI communication programs with customers and suppliers.

Helping the organization migrate from their existing ERP system to newer one and establishing the EDI connection to new system. We are dealing with EDI messages type such as EDIFACT, ANSII X12, VDA and ODETTE. We have relayed information and establish EDI communication with some of the biggest brand in automotive industry, viz VW, Volvo, GM, GESTAMP, Tesla etc.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is introducing huge changes in the way a business or enterprise operates.The main goal of implementing Internet things of is to gather useful data, manage complexities of connected devices and to automate business model. We begin with a holistic approach to initiate predictive analytics along with business automation. Approaching in accurate way efficiently covers a wide range of industry platforms enabling new virtual insights to improve every aspect of business operations. The intelligent solutions develops and deploys high-tech cross platforms interconnected with physical and mechanical devices, embedded technologies and cross connected communication protocols.

Automate your business with our extreme Internet of Things technology high level applications.Build an advanced business architecture harnessing with real time intelligence support. We offer a wide range of IoT applications with advanced functionality with adaptive technologies to support your business model. Predictive business analytics lets you to integrate a successful business strategy capable of driving effective business management platform with maximized conversions . Ensure the overall profitability of your business with flawless smart grid IoT technologies. With effective adoption of IoT technologies and services, drive marked benefits to your enterprise. Identify the problems, resolve any issues with ultimate smart grid technologies.

Business Intelligence

Our business Intelligence applications consist of several online analytical processing and reporting techniques, data mining or text mining, predictive analytics, business performance management, product insights as well as bench marking techniques, to achieve accurate results.Our service covers data gathering and business flow analysis, report creation based on data and more. Business Intelligence services and solutions are targeted at more accurate, actionable results with much more furnished relevant information.

With the use of advanced computing technologies, applications, analysis and integration we present you smart business solutions. Business Intelligence solutions provide you with historical, current as well as predictive results of internally structured data of your products. Encompasses with a wide variety of applications, tools and methods, we will help you to evolve your business infrastructure to a more transformed one. Accelerate and improve decision making process, increase your operational efficiency and optimize every business processes to drive new revenues gaining competitive advantage.We understand the customer preferences to deploy high level technologies to personalize your business or enterprise.Ensure improved productivity by running a fully connected enterprise with minimal downtime by automated business processes and business data integration.


We provide advanced ERP solutions for enterprise and emerging businesses, with customized and personalized software configuration for you firm’s business.ERP software is considered to be a type of enterprise application, that is software designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment. In contrast, Small business ERP applications are lightweight business management software solutions, often customized for a specific business industry or vertical.

Manage constantly changing the business strategy and improve the business model or processes. It also mean understanding and managing the risk associated with the business. Future proofing the business by ensuring complete sustainability with applying a range of statistical techniques to determine relationships and patterns that have direct impact on marketing, sales, business, or financial services. We are using quantitative and qualitative processes and techniques to enhance business gain and productivity.We build credibility and bring the comfort of our customers to the top level through our advanced ERP services. Our methodology is unique, global, phased and structured approach for implementing predefined inputs, outputs and activities to deliver on time and on budget products.


Odoo development has become a rapidly growing open source business solution. This makes you to take smart and better decisions through our fully customizable and flexible ERP platform. Odoo will integrate and unite your business functions into a single platform, thereby automating business units such as purchase, sales, human resource, accounting, warehouse and much more. We, Socius provide complete solution to rule your complete business flow with just one single integrated system. We are implementing customer centric fully customized advanced modules in order to smoothly manage your business processes.Proper ERP deployment as per the business needs is very important to leverage odoo benefits in your enterprise for better revenue growth. We will help you to create a better configured , highly customized and easily deployed modules for all your business solutions


In order to withstand in a highly competitive world of technology revolution, business and enterprises need to enhance their overall working environment and applications. We cover a vast area of technology services and solutions helping organizations to build a unique identity by unlocking the new era of SAP solutions contributing more on innovation. We are blending the best technology breeds with unprecedented expertise to transform your existing work flow. Our closely working and continuously researching team will helps you to offer fully customized services with end-to-end solutions in order to meet the changing business transformations.The business platform is always facing challenges contributed by digitization, also other inefficient resource management issues along with growing customer expectations, trending transformation with enhanced SAP functionalities is necessary.


Work day is advanced cloud based vendor software which specializes in human capital management as well as financial management platforms. We Socius, provide workday customizations with cloud ERP solutions that combine human resource, finance, planning and more for better business performance for enterprises. Being a pioneer in intelligent business applications, our ERP softwares are often been recognized for its quick implementation and easy to use capability. We are strong competitor in the field of vendor ERP field and shows operational effectiveness in large scale enterprises. Realize and empower continuous and immediate value rich solutions to your enterprise with our predictable perfectly packaged software deployments which helps your business to run more quickly and efficiently.




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